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Lancaster Choke valves

High Performance


  Lancaster Flow Automation designs and manufactures a premium

high-performance production choke for use in the most rugged oil & gas field environments.

The Lancaster production choke is

ideal for challenging onshore applications because it is more robust, compact and durable than any choke on the market.

Built For Reliability


  Lancaster chokes are engineered to operate at high pressures and process aggressive fluids containing sand and other solid particles. Our manufacturing processes and selection of materials ensures maximum resistance of all components extending the service life of the choke.


Low Torque


  A primary innovation is the

extremely low operating torque. The fluent handle operation removes the need for large hand wheels, cheater bars or multiple personnel to adjust the choke. By design, the

low operating torque allows close tolerances in fitted and moving parts, greatly reducing vibration and delivering superior precision when opening and controlling the flow.

Key Design Features


 • The solid tungsten carbide cage and plug provides exceptional resistance in erosive conditions.

• The non-threaded seat sleeve eliminates thread washout and overcomes corrosion issues within the body and greatly simplifies its removal and replacement.

• The stainless steel micrometer orifice indicator is extremely accurate for onsite confirmation of stem position and used in calibration and comparative readings for SCADA digital

feedback and readouts.

• The enlarged cage reservoir and cage design reduces the possibility of body cavitation and limits vibration to reduce noise.

Simple Actuation Options


Automation can be accomplished with a lightweight, low-power consumption 24vDC actuator that is easily integrated into SCADA systems and on site power schemes. The actuator may be installed while the choke is in service using any type or brand of

actuator regardless of the trim type. 

Pneumatic actuation is easily accomplished with the installation of a Linear Diaphragm which directly mounts to the stem.

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